Brieuc Le Meur: Bodies, Nudes and Intimacies #2, 2017

Intimacy is connection and abstraction. It is an intrinsic understanding as to the purpose and meaning of the levels of humanity, of what it is that makes us tick, what it is that makes us unique, what it is that makes us bonded...and yet so often alone. Intimacy is a moment - a frozen space of emotion and feeling, an intimate slice of the bigger picture, of the bigger life that is. To understand intimacy, human intimacy, is to understand yourself, to put yourself in context, to understand why you are an artist, and why the details of the human story are so important to your creativity. Artists, by their very nature, are projectors of what it is to feel and to see through the lens of that uniqueness that is humanity. The artist Brieuc Le Meur intrinsically taps into that understanding, and he is therefore able to projectively create thoughts, ideas, moods, understandings from the world he finds around him. From the hauntingly beautiful, the hollowed out loneliness, the gesture towards connection and contact, all allow us to feel human, allow us to understand who we are as creature and individual. These glimpses of humanity are so much a part of Brieuc's paired down accounts of the spaces of the intimate, the sequence of tiny events, the gesture of a hand, the movement of a foot, the glance of an eye, the tweak of a head, that are the sequence of moments that make up each of our lives, that make up what it is to be alive. Brieuc Le Meur is a true multidisciplinary artist. It is a trend nowadays for many of us to call ourselves 'multidisciplinary', but few really deserve that title. Brieuc does. He moves easily between the worlds of film, music, photography, literature. He has the eye of an artist and the sensibility of a poet. He is an artist of intimacy, where that title has true meaning and depth. We are a creature of intimate moments, moments so often lost in the infinite chasm of time. But moments are moments, and they are precious jewels, they absorb and bewitch us, they are the lifeblood of the artist, creativity would be a barren plain without them.

Brieuc Le Meur: Bodies, Nudes and Intimacies #4, 2017

Brieuc Le Meur: Bodies, Nudes and Intimacies #5, 2017

Brieuc Le Meur: A Foot, 2017

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