Tom Abbiss Smith: Shade

It is always wonderful to experience an artist launching themselves upon the world, always great to see artists that have the confidence, the positivity, the understanding that is so needed in our contemporary era, and so lacking by so many. In many ways, it is what the arts are for, they feed us the fuel in which to carry on.

Work that is bold, strident, confident, has a way of reflecting back on the viewer, and can give us at least elements of those themes, and for that we should be thankful and grateful. It's not always easy maintaining that level of confidence and positivity.

Tom Abbiss Smith: Blueberry Seed

Tom Abbiss Smith: Conceal

Recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, Tom Abbiss Smith has that confidence, positivity, and understanding. His intuitive style of image making frequently manipulates mark making and texture in conjunction with colour and composition within his work.

Tom's attention to form and shape, through a cut and paste technique, allows his creations to take a naturally dynamic abstract style. Digital software is often used to aid his process, which occasionally allows him to translate digital work into limited edition or original screen prints.

Tom Abbiss Smith: A Ceramic Pot

Tom Abbiss Smith: Enthusiasm

His most current and interesting project so far, has been commissioned by Atelier Pichita, and explores animation as part of a 4 chaptered promotional video for Fashion Model, Pichitra.

Tom's work definitely stands out from others of his generation. It is surprising to see such form in one so young, but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Tom' compositions sit so well with him, his creativity seems boundless and certainly open-ended as far as natural development is concerned.

Tom Abbiss Smith: Happenings

Tom Abbiss Smith: Midnight Shower

There is an obvious and all-pervading confidence and boldness in line, colour, shape. Tom has the talent to do much with little, by that I mean that his compositions have taken out the extraneous, the fussy, the redundant, leaving just the bold vibrancy that has become his landmark style.

Obviously this artist's work will change over his career, and obviously he will grow and mature, but to his work at this stage, to recognise the maturity already in place, is an extraordinary achievement for an artist that has only now graduated!

Tom Abbiss Smith: Nighttime wonder

Tom Abbiss Smith: Pelagic Clay

We can expect to see more and more work from this talented and confident young artist, ans for that we should be truly grateful.

Tom Abbiss Smith: Pulp

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