Khristopher Khrist: All Day I Dream About Sedition (2017)

If you have something to say, say it, and say it loud.

An artist should always have something to say. It doesn't matter if it is personal or general, whether it is tied to self or community, they need to have something to say, something that offers perspective, offers a thought, offers a challenge.

We are living through extraordinary times, times that are both transformative and challenging. They are times that will be seen by future generations as a period of fundamental change. Fundamental in how we see, feel, react, and understand ourselves and others.

Khristopher Khrist: Deer John Deere Queer (2017)

Khristopher Khrist: Happiness Is a Warm Gun (2017)

Artists are often the litmus paper of the times. They can be moral compass, they can be bold explorers, they can be the power profits of the "what if". Art is never about the sedentary, the passive, the status quo, nor should it ever be, that way lies the academy, the elite, the corralled experience.

An artist that is always out there, always argumentative, combative, in your face, is the glorious Khristopher Khrist. This artist will one day be in his nineties and will still be sticking it to the smug and the complacent. 

Khristopher Khrist: Dissexting Amor Part I (2017)

Khristopher Khrist: Dissexting Amor Part II (2017)

Khristopher is anarchy personified. There are no two ways to take him, it is upfront or nothing. Never scared, never thwarted, never forced off track Khristopher is a force of art that is making inroads into the world of tomorrow, creating tracks for us to follow, if not tracks for us to lead in our own paths.

This is the exciting status of Khristopher as artist. If you don't compromise, then you lead. Get bamboozled by those who say they know better, those who have passed before, those who say they have the experience, the know-how, the academic qualifications, and you give yourself as an artist, a screw top lid. Fuck, you give yourself a slammed down cork!

Khristopher Khrist: Homofobik Fly Trap (2017)

Khristopher Khrist: I Know Why the Caged Bird Drops the Soap (2017)

There is always someone out there, many in fact, who need to contain anarchy, to siphon off the power that anarchy engenders, burst the bubble of enthusiasm and real power. Raise your head above the parapets of complacency, and you are a target for containment. There is no easier way to kill the speed and roar of anarchy than with a commercial badge or t-shirt.

I can't see that happening to Khristopher somehow. I can't see the lure of the corporate being in any way enticing to him, I can't see the slithering sliding voices of the profit machine making inroads into this artists work. Khristopher will dance continually on the edge, always between, over, and around the razor sharp edge that is the anarchy mode of our times. 

Khristopher Khrist: Mindkiller (2016)

Khristopher Khrist: Revolting Taints (2016)

Khristopher is the artist of the moment, the artist for the age. How we develop as individuals, as communities, as a species as this century progresses, is anyone's guess. However, if we have artists that keep us on our toes, that irritate and cajole, that fluster and bewilder, that challenge and confront, then we at least have a chance of making better choices in where we go, and how we get there.

If you have something to say, say it, and say it loud...Khristopher Khrist does.

Khristopher Khrist: The Glory Hole Days of Ellis Island (2016)

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