Luka Fisher: Chris and Daniel - Bathroom

Art is often used by individuals to search for identity, search for purpose, search for roots and projections. Often as well, trying to identify others, helps in identifying ourselves. Artists sift through characters, ideas, histories in order to find some truth, some kernel of real being.

Luka Fisher is an artist that is looking for answers, but also an artist that is looking to question without answers. We so obviously live in a fucked up world, but so few people ever seem to ask the simple question "why?"

Luka Fisher: Chris and Daniel - Paint

Luka Fisher: Daniel - Window

That simple one word question so effortlessly unravels the carefully constructed framework of the 'norm', of the 'familiar', of the 'descent', and of the 'family friendly'.

Luka asks the most fundamental of questions. Why we are segregated by gender? Why can an individual not find both sexes equally beautiful, attractive, alluring? Why does the phenomenon of social media make decisions for us as to what we can see and what we cannot see, what is acceptable, and what is not? Why is art actively censored, whilst at the same time by the same voices, championed as the height of free expression?

Luka Fisher: Tristene - Roman Food Coloring Socks

Luka Fisher: Kayla - Papaya

We are constrained in every moment of our social lives, we live within neatly confined barriers, barriers not produced by ourselves, but by others. However, we are taught that these artificial barriers, and they are artificial, are normal, natural, and for our own protection. Bullshit obviously, and Luka as an artist so often publicly ridicules, challenges, and tries to overturn that bullshit.

One of the major themes of Luka's life that comes out of this questioning, this challenging of status quo's, of complacency, is the growth of the individual to be what they want to be, be what they can be, rather than what they are told to be.

Luka constantly supports, encourages, champions, and connects with the fundamental idea that is the art of self. We are as much as we wish to be. We are the ultimate projector of self.

Luka Fisher: Pink Dancer

Luka Fisher: Animals

To encourage the expansion of who we are, who we are meant to be, is often a thankless task, one that can often be ridiculed, or actively opposed. But it is important, it is vital. To create a better world, a more honest world, a world where we sit comfortably with ourselves, artists and individuals like Luka are invaluable.

To encourage others, to empower others is often thought to go against the natural order of things. We are encouraged to believe that we live in a tooth and claw world, one where you stamp on someone's face to get ahead. But of course that is bullshit as well, a lie perpetrated by those who see nothing but competitiveness and ego. We are more than that, we are better than that.

 Luka Fisher

Luka Fisher

With individuals such as Luka, we face forwards to a better world, one where the flavour of the individual as true self is encouraged, but encouraged as part of an inclusive whole. If we are ever to blossom as a species, to leave this fucked up world behind us, then we need Luka. 

We need people who care, who champion, who network and collaborate. We are on our way to better times. It's a painfully slow process at times, but we'll get there. I for one, applaud Luka, it is what we are all here for, to encourage others to be brave, to be their real selves, to expand and fill their space. To soar high, and never look down again.

Luka Fisher: Velvet

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