Alcibiade de Paros: from the Winter series

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and of course it always is. We are the vessel of our personality, of our character, of our unique perspective. We see the world as only we can, in all its textures, its shapes and layers. The extraordinary world that we live in is reflected from our understanding of that world.

Although it is true to say that there are seven billion different and unique perspectives on the planet, it is also true to say that some individuals can successfully share their view with others, those individuals are artists.

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Fall series

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Fall series

Artists are mesmerised by the world around them. From the small to the great, from the tangible to the ephemeral, all are part of the experience of an artist, and all to some extent or another are passed on, through their work, to audiences that can appreciate and even connect with some of the understanding that artists try to pass on.

An artist that has a very defined and personal experience and understanding of the world around him is Alcibiade de Paros. Alcibiade spent his early years between France and Tahiti, soaking up ambiance from different cultures, different landscapes, different realities. 

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Spring series
Alcibiade de Paros: from the Spring series

It was these opportunities to experience the larger complexity of the world that gave Alcibiade an understanding and appreciation of the multi-faceted nature of the planet, particularly the complex multi-faceted nature of its human cultures, and its human individuals.

Alcibiade produces art photography that is hauntingly beautiful. There are layers upon layers of thought, meaning, understanding. Many of the pieces have elements of melancholy, others play with shadow, there are cultural references, as well as humour.

Of course the obvious visual connector of Alcibiade's work is the human body. The human body is our vessel, our vehicle for exploring and understanding the world in which we find ourselves. It is personal, it is intimate, it is connective. 

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Fall series

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Portraits series

This is an artist that explores beauty, beauty that can be found here, there, and everywhere, if you just look. To stop and stare, to draw in a breath, to touch with finger tips, this is beauty.

One of the great human inventions is the camera. Yes, it documents the world around us, it measures and it copies, but it is so much more. When used by creative artists, the camera becomes a focus, it hones in on elements of the material world yes, but it is also able to focus on the emotional, the sensual, the imaginative worlds.

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Cellar series
Alcibiade de Paros: from the Portraits series

This is what Alcibiade produces. His work isn't about a clear-cut imagery of naked humans, it is about how those humans are made up, beyond the physical. So Alcibiade's subjects are imbued with layers of emotion, sensuality, imagination, as well as a deep understanding of physicality. 

That is why they work so well, that is why there is an intake of breath whenever you look at Alcibiade's work. These are beautiful compositions, beautiful examples of what it is to be human, what it is to live within the human vehicle, to explore self, and to explore the world around self.

We live within the sensual miracle that is the human body, and we experience the world around us through that sensual miracle. It is something we so often forget, and it is something that artists are there to continually remind us about.

Alcibiade de Paros: from the Winter series

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