Dylan Thibert: Existence

When an artist has the sensibility and understanding of a poet, it is a special gift, a special awareness. That awareness can come out in many forms, many disciplines, in fact many understandings. It is a depth of connection with the fundaments of life, what makes our lives tick, what makes them worthwhile, what makes them count.

An artist with a great sensibility is Dylan Thibert. Through film and photography Dylan uses sentiment, hard reality, humour, and emotion to get across feelings, understandings, and sentiments that are personal to him, but also that are connective to us all.

Dylan Thibert: The Gardner

Dylan Thibert: They Were Right About You

We all live seemingly separate, individual, even isolated lives, a tragic human misconception of life. Life is actually connected, we are all part of the enriching experience, we are all valued and valuable, and so we can all share experiences, rather than keep them to ourselves. It is the task of the artist to share, to connect, to understand.

So slices of an artist's life, or slices of the understanding of an artist, are invaluable for the viewer, the partaker, the experiencer. This wonderful creative loop where an artist like Dylan documents their specific and individual experiences, projects them through an art medium, which are then picked up by other individuals as shared experience. It couldn't get better. It is the role of the artist to understand human experience from their own perspective, and then to share that with others.

Dylan Thibert: Future, What Future?

Dylan Thibert: Just Forget About It

Dylan's work is achingly beautiful, perceptive, poignant. There are elements of abandonment and isolation, of yesterday's treasure becoming todays rejected skip-filler. There are waves of disjointed and dysfunctional moods, of missed opportunities, of star-crossed lovers, of connections abandoned and relationships lost, all set to a contemporary, often alien atmosphere that is the experience of so many of us.

Although, as with many artists, Dylan's work could be seen as ambiguous, confusing even, his titles could be seen as densely indecipherable, it is always best to use the age-old term 'subjective'. Allowing art to be subjective is the decision of the artist, and by allowing that subjectivity the artist is opening up the experience to questions, not questions aimed at the artist, but questions aimed at the viewer, by the viewer. 

Dylan Thibert: Every Single Knight

Dylan Thibert: Not What They Seem

Questions abound in projections from contemporary artists: "What do you want from this?" "What do you want it to say?" "What's the experience for you?" Perhaps most importantly of all "Can you connect?" 

That Dylan as an artist, and Dylan as a human being, encourages us to think, to experience, to reflect on his experiences, which then project through us to our own experiences, is the sign of an artist, sign of a poet, sign of a creative experience on its journey.

Dylan Thibert: Now All My Nightmares Know My Name

Dylan Thibert: Take A Bad Situation, Make A Worse Situation

Dylan Thibert: Lost In A Moment

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