Cash Mattock: Vigilar

The universe that we inhabit is full of relationships. The complexity of the physical and mental worlds that swirl around and through us are full of connections and reconnections, most of which we are unaware of.

We tend to think of relationships as being a human condition, something that is unique and limited to ourselves, but of course that is far from the truth. Yes, we form relationships with the people around us, friends, lovers, family, but we also form relationships that are just as important, with our environment, different species around us, with the air we breathe, the water we drink. Everything we see, touch, smell, taste, forms a relationship with us, as we do to it.

Cash Mattock: Volva

Cash Mattock: Methuselah

Artists are well aware of the differing relationships around us, as they are well aware of the balances and counter balances that make our lives possible, make our lives flourish. We are a world within ourselves, and that would is fuelled by countless relationships.

The artist Cash Mattock helps to explore this complex series of relationships. Relationships between the familiar and the unfamiliar, between the human and the inhuman. Through extraordinary couplings Cash takes us on a journey of discovery, helping to show us the true nature of the idea and ideal of the phenomenon of the relationship. 

Cash Mattock: Chasm

Cash Mattock: Scyphozoa

It would seem at first glance as if these odd juxtapositions between human and non-human, human and artificial, human and organic, would somehow jar, be uncomfortable, even ill-fitting, but the beauty of Cash's work is that it never does.

The clashes between worlds are never really there, certainly never as we expect them to be. All Cash's compositions appear as if meant to be, they appear genuinely seamless, harmonious even.

This throws up for the viewer a whole complex series of self-questioning regarding observations about the nature of relationships. It asks how easy can it really be in fostering a coupling of opposites, can it really be smoothed into a functioning relationship?

Cash Mattock: Rizzi

Cash Mattock: Dirty Thunder

Cash Mattock: Makeup

Cash shows us that no matter how difficult or unfamiliar the relationship, it can be encouraged to not only function, but to flourish. Cash does not set us examples of nightmarish couplings, relationships that fight and strain. The relationships he projects through his work, seem more supportive, cooperative.

There seems to be a fundamental low-level understanding between the juxtapositions that come out in his work, and that gives us thought regarding all of the countless relationships that make us who we are and that follow us through our own unique life path. We are never one individual divided from everything, we are a complexity knotted to the infinite.

Cash Mattock: Cog

Cash Mattock: Haunt

Begin to understand that, and we begin to understand the journey that we are on. To understand that we live in a universe of connective harmony, rather than a universe that fosters the hostility of 'them' and 'us'. The guides towards that better understanding are always there of course, and those guides are our artists.

Cash Mattock: Herbaceous

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