Everything in the world is in transit, in fact everything in our universe is in transit. There is always movement from one space to another. Nothing stays within one space, nothing lasts for an infinity within the physical world, including ourselves. It is one of the perceived tragedies that is life, but it is also one of the meanings of life. Life in transit is life. 

We are physical creatures of finite experience. We play the role of a fixed entity with a handful of senses, and yet we are at the same time, so much more. We understand and can participate in the larger realms of experience. We can push ourselves to explore the spaces between things, whether they be the silences between things, the stillness between things, the nothingness between things.

Photo Credit: Jaya Su Su

Artists in particular, have a penchant for experiencing other realms, other moments and spaces. They explore what it is to see events from perspectives outside of our immediate senses, of our immediate daily lives, and that is an invaluable gift. In fact, so invaluable a gift is it that it has become a big factor in how we maintain and develop our very humanity. 

The contemplative artist Akiko Suzuki plays within the inner zones, the inbetween zones, the outside zones. She is an artist that deals with the space between physical objects, between feelings and emotions, between ideas and ideals. As she says herself:

"My art is of invisible things, things that cannot be expressed in words; phenomena prior to the clarity of thinking; the sensation of the skin, the weight of the breath, the vision too much for the eyes to behold."

Akiko's work is sensitive, contemplative. She gives us life from unusual angles, life from convex perspectives. She shows us the intimacy of moments, of life beyond the horizon of our everyday understanding. Her work can show us the ordinary writ as extraordinary, of finding the beauty in a moving shadow, a still face, a resting hand.

This is an artist that looks beyond, through, and around our world, our human world. She can sit on the other side and view life as it truly is, rather than as we imagine it to be. It is a life that goes beyond the constraints of the finite, of the transitory, it is at one and the same time everything and nothing, life as space, as entity, as enigma.

To appreciate the work of Akiko is to appreciate that distinct essence of more than. Whether it be more than the singular perspective that she shows us, whether it be more than the singular experience that we perceive as life, she gives us more than. Through her work she gives us an understanding that there is always more, an infinity of more. 

It is our experience of life that gives us meaning, understanding and trajectory. For us to get the full flavour of that life we have to be able to contemplate the spaces, the moments that artists like Akiko explore and then project forward for us to receive. Those all too human moments, of the response of our skin to stimulation, the breath we hold and exhale, the murmur we hear from another, the soft shadow that we see pass over our hand. All these are priceless, never repeated, and transitory. Welcome to the beautifully contemplative world of the artist Akiko Suzuki.

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