Tilemaxos Varsamas: Kas

Expressing feelings and thoughts as visual art. To feel and to think is what we all do naturally. To feel and to think and then to express those feelings and thoughts, to project them into space and time, that is what an artist does.

Artists are often standing on tightropes, tightropes between different and often wildly opposing realities. They are expected to be part of the 'real world' the world of grocery shopping, small talk gossip, family, bills, but they are also part of the inner reality, that which doesn't deal with the everyday, but instead deals with the tensions and strains of the inner being, the complexity of self and all that that entails.

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Smell of Female

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Not Saved

This is where the Greek graphic designer and digital artist Tilemaxos Varsamas finds himself creatively. Trying to understand the busy urbanity of contemporary Athens, whilst at the same time trying to understand the equally busy psychology of self.

This is an artist that works mostly in black and white. By doing so he believes that he is searching for the discovery of 'colours' that lie behind and beneath the obviousness of the black and the white, which in many ways represents his personal psychology and character.

Tilemaxos Varsamas: NofuN

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Theme 0

The isometric nature of the work that Tilemaxos produces in his compositions reveals the uneven. Working on projects that give all the appearance of dramatic theatrical plays, he feels that he is searching for the inner voice, the voice that has difficulty in being heard.

Influenced as he is by Classical Expressionism, Tilemaxos can feel at times overwhelmed by the unexpected nature of shadows found in his work. The way that light can loom out of the darkness, that it can take on shapes and images that can coalesce into thoughts and ideas in the mind of the artist, and of his audience. 

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Lamentos, A Poema Muerto

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Twins

It is this that Tilemaxos is keen to communicate as an artist, to share experience with others who have similar feelings and emotions. A shared experience is after all a shared connection, and that is what we are all really looking for, connections of understanding. 

For the first time in his life Tilemaxos is beginning to work with defined colour in his work, and this for a new exhibition that he is preparing for. It is a bold step for an artist that has so far steeped himself in the subtleties of the play of dark and light, the interaction that comes so naturally between black and white, colour can be a difficult step to take.

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Family Affair

Tilemaxos Varsamas: X

But Tilemaxos is intrigued by this new found use of colour, and the new perspectives it is giving him within his artwork. His creative path is leading him to new vistas, and along with his life's work so far that can only add to the complexity of his work, and perhaps even give him new insights towards clarity, and that we look forward to with great enthusiasm.

Tilemaxos Varsamas: Trash

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