This is the work of the Montreal-based artist Andy-Jean. I have taken the decision not to write an article for Andy-Jean, purely for the fact that his descriptions of his work are so beautifully and descriptively written that I feel compelled not to intrude, so I leave you with the words of the artist Andy-Jean.

"An artist is a man who "has to say."" - Andy-Jean

Andy-Jean: Hasting Street 

Hasting Street - This artwork is an illustration of heartbreak! I left him and what you see is farewell. 

Andy-Jean: Sensuality Automnal/Sensualite Automnale

Sensuality Automnal/Sensualite Automnale - The autumn in Canada is magic. The smells, the chiaroscuro, the colors, the undergrowth shaded, awaken the taste of the Other one.

Andy-Jean: Cadillac 

Cadillac - Cadillac is America! Cadillac was all the times, the ladies in the long dresses of the beginning of the 20th century, then the pursuits in the streets of Chicago led by Al Capone, to the immense black cars of the years 60-70 which were the trademark of the Mafia. Today, it is the design and the performances which dominate. The work brought together two eras, those of 60-70 years and the emergence of the street art by the end of the Millennium.

Andy-Jean: Shading/Degrade

Shading/Degrade - For me there is nothing more beautiful than to see by a beautiful day, the nuances of the blue in the sky.

Andy-Jean: Petit Matin!

Petit Matin! - There is nothing more sensual than seeing your lover awake, naked, and looking for their socks

Andy-Jean: Music City

Music City - Downtown is for me music, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, sometimes sensual, but never boring.

Andy-Jean: Martin

Martin - It's three o'clock in the night, when you hang out in the streets alone, penniless, and without love. It is an undefinable sensation, it is not a shooting pain, nor an absence of everything, it is the moistness enveloping you and which lets you glimpse that there is something else, that there is an invisible world beyond the material.

Andy-Jean: The Veiled Woman

The Veiled Woman - The Women Veiled - the Islamic religion, the terrorists, the Syrian refugees, were here in Canada, a fascinating subject of discussion, and sometimes, unfortunately, style 'Trump'! For me, a woman who covers her face, refuses to tell others what she is. She is no more than an alive statue covered with black.

Andy-Jean: Graffiti from Paris

Graffiti from Paris - I like sculpture, but I don't have the talent, I like the painting, and that I can do! So I paint a beautiful statue of a woman sculpted by another!

Andy-Jean: Wolf-Dracula

Wolf-Dracula - The Nature often tells us who we are. Our forces, our hate, our shameful desires and...

Andy-Jean: Lips

Lips - More than 9000 notes.

Andy-Jean: Decency

Decency - The title says everything

Andy-Jean: Le Buveur de Sang

Le Buveur de Sang - Blood is Life. 'Him' drinks it. It's disgusting, strange, but also vital.

All work is copyrighted to the artist. Please ask permission before sharing imagery. Thank you.