Mike Egan: I Saw You At My Funeral, 2016

I love doing these. There is nothing more celebratory than an artist and an exhibition. So it gives me great pleasure to dedicate this post to an exhibition of the works of the contemporary artist Mike Egan.

Matthew Rachman Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, “I Saw You At My Funeral,” featuring new works by artist Mike Egan. The gallery will host an opening reception Saturday, September 10 from 6 - 9 pm, at which the artist will be in attendance.

Mike Egan: Preparing For Your Funeral, 2016

Mike Egan: The Ghost Of You, 2016

As a child drawing cartoons and skateboard graphics, Mike Egan expressed an ever-present interest in skeletons and devils. Later in life, his fascination with mortality led to a career working in funeral homes, where he was constantly surrounded by death and mourning. This immersion into the most intimate and painful moments of life had a lasting influence on Egan’s acrylic paintings on panel. He started painting not only the stories of those who have passed, but the stories of those left behind after one's passing; the mourners, the lovers, the hurt and the relieved. His works are visual anecdotes; capturing sepulchral moments in time, presented to the viewer with whimsy and wit.

The new paintings Egan created for “I Saw You at My Funeral” are a look at his continued obsession with the idea of life and death. In light of recent world events and the way they are portrayed by the media, the subject matter is more important to him now than ever before. “There are so many tragic shootings and acts of violence in the world and it is constantly spoon fed to us through the media. These paintings act as a reminder to me that there are so many people to say ‘goodbye’ to, and that we must not forget them.”

The exhibition will run September 10 - November 4, 2016.

Mike Egan: This Was a Sad Day For Us, 2016

Mike Egan: We Are The Dark Souls That Never Made It, 2016

About Mike Egan: Hailing from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Egan recalls a fascination with both art and with death, from a young age. A few years after receiving his B.F.A. from Edinboro University, his peculiar interests led Mike to attend the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and to become an embalmer and funeral director. All the while continuing to paint, Mike developed a unique style that incorporated his surroundings, as well as his other influences: folk art, Day of the Dead, horror films, religion, Halloween and German Expressionism. Since 2006, Mike has shown his work in galleries throughout America, Germany and the UK. For more info please visit: www.mikeeganart.com

Mike Egan: We Defeated Everyone, 2016

Mike Egan: We Kept Growing, 2016

About Matthew Rachman Gallery: Matthew Rachman Gallery features a carefully curated collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture and contemporary art. Exhibitions are held regularly and their collection of rare vintage finds and curiosities changes constantly. The gallery is also available for event rental for philanthropic and private functions. For more information please visit www.matthewrachman.com

Gallery Hours: Tu - Su 12pm - 5pm 

Price range of works in “I Saw You At My Funeral”: $250.00 - $2,200.00

Mike Egan: We Said Goodbye To Our Friend, 2016

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